Web Mail

Looking for your web mail login?

In September 2019, prime42 purchased all website design, marketing, hosting and email services from Shasta.com. As we continue to phase out connections to shasta.com it is important for you to use the right web addresses and methods for checking your email online. There are three ways you can get to the webmail login page:

  1. Go directly to the login page at shastaemail.com. Once there, bookmark it (save it to your favorites) so you are only a single click away in the future!
  2. You can get to the webmail login page using the link above (“check my email“) on prime42.net. This will take you to shastaemail.com (again we suggest bookmarking it).
  3. Optionally, if you want a little news with your login, you can go to myshasta.info and click the webmail link there. Again, we suggest you bookmark the page for easy access.